Doors & Marquetry Panels

Luxurious, deluxe, sumptuous, prestigious…

Delight your senses. This collection offers a wide range of veneer wardrobe doors, veneer doors, marquetry panels and furniture. All materials are sourced directly from FSC managed forests ensuring that we care for our environment. Using British Craftsmanship, each product in this range is handmade and finished using water based lacquers to provide that ultimate finish.

Imagine the possibilities. In this range you can let your imagination go wild and create something absolutely unique. Nothing compares to the finish of real wood. Using such timbers as Oak, Walnut and Maple, in a natural or stained finish you can create veneered wardrobe doors with solid timber lipping’s for that quality finish, veneered kitchen doors, bookcases, tables, room screens, or create a truly bespoke product by creating your own inlayed marquetry design to incorporate on any piece of furniture.

The limit really is your imagination…