Bespoke Oak wardrobe

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At the end of 2014 Basically Trade received a unique request that felt like it came straight out of an ITV period drama!

We received a question from a tradesman who wanted us to design a floor to ceiling wardrobe setup using solid oak doors and solid oak panels along with our bespoke range ofcarcasses and Blum fittings.

So far nothing out of the normal, but as we continued to read the requirements things began to get all the more intriguing, the client’s specifications encompassed a totally hidden mini entrance to a secret bathroom!

As you can imagine we were very excited by the opportunity to create such a bespoke wardrobe and our ideas soon started flowing, after all it’s not every day you get to design the modern wardrobe to Narnia! Or in this case a bathroom.

This took some award winning figuring out, all was totally bespoke and the secret entrance had to be practical for use and yet blend in with the overall design.

Everyone here at basically doors who worked on the project thoroughly enjoyed the unique aspect and challenge of the task.

Maybe next time we may be asked for a Scooby Doo style lever that has a rotating kitchen unit, we can only hope!


Made For The Trade


  • Range: Opulence 
  • Product: 21.5mm Solid Oak and solid centre panel 

The Details

  • Style of doors: Foyle design
  • Finish: 10% clear lacquer 
  • Carcasses: 18mm Egger MFC
  • Accessories: Solid timber
  • Speciality: Over lapped door drilling and framing