A Large Factory Kitchen / Canteen Project

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A Large Factory Kitchen / Canteen Project

We were recently involved in a project to design and manufacture kitchen cabinets and doors in a factory staff kitchen.

Not a problem you may think. Until you saw the amount of pipework we had to consider mounted on the walls. Special tall larder and boiler storage units were manufactured to work around these pipes to hide them from view and also provide the best storage solutions for the space, but also enable access to the pipes if required.

We worked closely with our trade client who provided detailed drawings and measurements of the walls and pipework so we were able to provide the best solution possible.

You can see the transformation in the images below.  Our client was delighted with the finished product.

So, if you need a bespoke solution, talk to Basically Trade - its what we do!

To enquire further or discuss your kitchen cabinet manufacturing requirements, please call: 01282 816434

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