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    Expansion in Cabinet Industry Creates New Jobs

    A consensus to move to UK cabinet manufacturers, and the growth in the UK furniture manufacture industry, has led to Basically Trade expanding its workforce.

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    Shopfitting Cabinets for Pop-Up Sushi Bar

    A Midlands based food restaurant outlet commissioned a bespoke shopfitting project, to carefully design and manufacture suitable cabinets for their sushi customers.

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    Custom Kitchen Cabinet Project for Interior Designer

    Commissioned by a London based interior designer, this colourful yellow complete kitchen project had the shop floor spirits high, as we developed the custom kitchen units.

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    Bespoke Bathroom Cabinet Design Project

    A well-established property developer commissioned a selection of bathroom units, to be installed in several properties under development. The project demonstrates our bespoke design service.

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    The EGGER Decorative Collection 2017 - 2019

    Discover the huge variety of combinations in the new EGGER Decorative Collection - valuable inspiration, smart solutions and a well-thought-through holistic system to help you meet your customers' expectations.

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    Easy Handle-Less Opening with TIP-ON for Doors by Blum

    Whether it's stay lifts, doors, drawers, or pull-outs: Handle-less furniture can be used throughout the home thanks to the TIP-ON mechanical opening system.

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    Our Latest High End New Build Project

    At Basically Trade, we love a challenge, which is why we really enjoyed our latest project.

    We were tasked with designing carcasses to suit an unfamiliar inframe system which we normally don't supply. This didn't stop us from doing it though!

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    A Recent Large Contract Job For An Export Client

    We have just completed another part of a large contract for a valued export client.

    This comprised of totally bespoke kitchens and bedrooms to their requirements.

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    The Latest Smart Home Designs and Technology Trends For 2017

    With home automation becoming hugely popular many people are beginning to incorporate it into their designs.

    The technology for home automation has become so sophisticated that people are asking for more along these lines, so that they can continue to enjoy the benefits that home automation gives them, such as convenience, extra control over their environment, and up to date technology.

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    Goodbye White, Hello Colour: The Colour Palette Taking Over The Interior World

    After years of pared-back, minimal interiors, the wheel of fashion has once again turned towards the more dramatic and, well, colourful.

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    Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Exposed Bricks In Their Home?

    Rough, bare brick walls, mottled grey concrete and bulbs hanging lampshade-less from an exposed ceiling. Once, these were the markers of a building under construction. Now, these industrial-style interiors inspired by warehouse buildings are proof that the owner has their finger on the design pulse.

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    The Latest Interior Design Trends For 2017

    There are some new trends in town. From laid-back living to vibrant colour.

    One thing is clear from the trends that will dominate 2017: after a turbulent year, we could all do with a fresh start.

    That’s precisely what the latest interior design looks have in spades — a feeling of striking out in a new direction and overlooking timeworn staples, with an overwhelming preference for immersive colour, bold statement pieces and irresistible tactile texture.

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    Elegance In Motion With Our Latest Addition – Blum Legrabox

    Straight lines create the elegant look that defines LEGRABOX, our newest premium metal drawer system. It is available in two luxurious finishes that complement a wide variety of styles and colors, and four drawer side heights cover a wide range of design options in the kitchen, bath, or furniture applications.

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    Interior Design Trends That Will Help Your Home Sell

    If you're looking to sell or remodel your home in 2017, listen up:  Expert estate agents have rounded up design features and materials that you should consider installing to get the most bang for your buck on the market. What do you think of the home decor elements that made their way onto this list?

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    8 Emerging Design Trends That Will Be Popular In 2017

    With the start of 2017, we’ve said farewell to some tired interior decor trends that have worn out their welcome.

    So what’s replacing the old fads with fun, new ideas? Your friends will fawn over these eight trends—from “jungalows” to jewel tones—that promise to hit it big in 2017. Want to be a showoff (the good kind)? Be the first to integrate them into your home.

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    5 Unique Ways to Make a Beautiful First Impression in Your Kitchen

    5 Unique Ways to Make a Beautiful First Impression in Your Kitchen. These changes make a big (and unexpected) impact. Designing your kitchen is much more than just choosing appliances, cabinets, and a countertop. Steal these spot-on designer tips to inject more personality into your cooking space.

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    Basically Trade – Made In Britain

    We are very proud to announce we are now part of the Made In Britain campaign community that promotes UK manufacturing.

    The Made in Britain Campaign supports and promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers, at home and abroad to identify British-made products.

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    The Future of Basically Trade is Here!

    Basically Trade have made a major leap forward and moved into a new 6000sq feet premises in Padiham. Basically Trade made a huge investment into brand new HOMAG machinery to enable us to design and manufacture custom made carcasses for our trade clients in the UK.

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    In Frame Kitchen and Bedroom Doors From Basically Trade

    You can create a stunning classic kitchen or bedroom with the In Frame range of doors. A door that is enveloped with a frame gives off a beautiful classical and traditional style which echoes the very best craftsmanship. 

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    The Luxurious Opulence Range from Basically Trade

    The Opulence range of solid timber and veneered wardrobe doors, solid wood kitchen doors and in frame kitchen doors is the elite range when it comes to purchasing bespoke doors. This collection uses real timbers sourced straight from FSC managed forests which means Basically Trade cares for their environment. Timber doors are made to any size from a range of styles and are available in various finishes such as lacquered, limed, painted or unfinished.

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    Bespoke Solid Maple Clear Lacquered Kitchen

    A recent order here at Basically Doors was a bespoke solid Maple clear lacquered kitchen, part of the requirements involved for this task was that unit consisted of many real solid Maple dovetailed drawer boxes; the dovetail is a strong and attractive look and a traditional joint of choice for joining boards at right angles.

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    Bella Kitchen And Bedroom Doors

    The Bella kitchen and bedroom door ranges are two of our flagship ranges here at Basically Trade. This is because they are of the highest quality and with the 23 styles in 35 vinyl colours, plus the brilliant new range of Bella high gloss kitchen and bedroom doors to choose from you have well over 700 combinations which gives you a wide variety to choose your truly bespoke doors and matching accessories, designed for your style.

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    J-Pull Veneered Range

    Basically Trade supply a high quality contemporary style doors for bedrooms and kitchens.

    This 22mm Flat slab and J pull timber veneered additions to the Chic collection. These doors are all made to your exact measurements and come in beautiful Walnut or Oak veneered timber finishes. The J pull versions are supplied with a horizontal grain while the slab doors come in both horizontal and vertical grain options.

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    Replacement Wardrobe Doors

    Giving a new lease of life to your wardrobe is a simple and affordable solution that is trending right now.

    As long as your carcass is in good condition then why not simple replace those tired old wardrobe doors with sleek ultra-modern ones, sharp lines are available in a range of up to the minute colours.

    We also stock classic wood grains and plain colours too, so whatever your taste in décor you’ll find it here at Basically Trade.

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    Dreaming Of Design

    Basically Trade have worked with a number of interior designers over the years and their ideas go beyond the cosmetic concerns.

    An interior designer envisions and plans the use of space in a way that makes them both beautiful and functional. They balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect your suited lifestyle and create your desired mood, as well as complement your home's architectural features.

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    Replacement Kitchen Door Trends

    Replacement kitchen doors can give your kitchen a new lease of life without the traditional costs of refitting the entire kitchen but with the same outcome.

    Looking for some quick design inspiration? Whether you’re just re-modelling your home or trying to build a new one, it helps to have a vision. Investing in kitchen renovation can be a costly task, so make sure you’re getting timeless pieces by keeping yourself up-to-date with latest design trends around the UK.

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  • full-length-mirror-doors-using-our-aluminium-frame-system.jpg

    Fitted Sliding Wardrobe Doors in the Bedroom

    There are a number of reasons why sliding wardrobe doors in the bedroom are becoming a popular choice for homeowners although the most obvious reasons are that they are not only aesthetically stylish but also the ultimate space-saving storage solution to your bedroom.

    Sliding wardrobe doors which are mirrored are one particular favourite amongst home owners and since 2010 there popularity with consumers has risen.

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    The Rebirth of the Carcass

    When it comes to carcasses be it for the bedroom or kitchen, people rarely think of going to a company who can provide a totally bespoke carcass as they simply don’t realise these are available. Here at Basically Trade we can provide unique bespoke carcasses to suit anyone’s needs and styles.

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    Christmas Orders For The Trade

    Make sure you order your bespoke kitchens, bedrooms or replacement doors in time to ensure delivery for a Christmas installation.   

    As all our kitchens and bedrooms are fully bespoke and made to your exact specifications you can appreciate it takes time to make our bespoke items.

    You may require something a bit more bespoke for your customers also, and that’s why we have a dedicated sister site for our Opulence Range from Basically Bespoke Doors and more, a collection of solid wood kitchen doors, timber wardrobe doors, veneer wardrobe doors and marquetry panels.

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    The Parapan Doors Range

    If you’re looking for the highest quality, premium doors for your project then look no further than the Parapan ® range from Basically Trade.

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  • Aluminium-frame-equal-five-style-sliders-with-Mirror-and-frosted-glass-300x246.jpg

    Sliding Doors

    Here at Basically Trade we understand that every one of your clients vision of their perfect kitchen or bedroom vary with each individual. What may be suitable for one person’s needs may not always be the case for another’s, or perhaps they require something totally unique and bespoke, not your average run of the mill items. And that is where we come in; we cater for the people who dare to dream!

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    Working To Architects Specifications

    Recently here at Basically Trade we’ve just completed a very high end job based in London for a very valued Architect client of ours.

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    Introducing The Invis Mx By Lamello

    Here at Basically Trade we have been using a new fitting on our high end kitchen wall units and we feel it would be wrong of us not to share these incredible fittings with you our avid readers.

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    Win a £50 Amazon Voucher with Basically Trade

    To celebrate the launch of our new trade website and our 10 years in supplying the trade with bespoke kitchens and bedrooms Basically Trade are giving you the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher and three lucky runners up will each get one of our Basically Trade mugs.

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    Welcome to Basically Trade

    Basically doors have now been re-branded to Basically trade, Well it is what we do! And as we have grown we have simply out grown our name.

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