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Most people when thinking about using an interior designer straight away think about wall colours, pillow patterns and the general décor of the room. But that's just scratching the surface of what an interior designer brings to your home.

Basically Trade have worked with a number of interior designers over the years and their ideas go beyond the cosmetic concerns.

An interior designer envisions and plans the use of space in a way that makes them both beautiful and functional. They balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect your suited lifestyle and create your desired mood, as well as complement your home's architectural features.

From there a trades man or woman will take the required measurements of planned units and cupboards to ensure that the desired bespoke kitchen is built to the exact specifications and requirements.   


And then that where we here at Basically Trade come in, we liaise with the interior designer and tradesman to make sure the perfect kitchen is built, we  provide our expert advice and suggestions on types of woods and finishes that the client may wish to use to guarantee the finish that is desired.



There is so much more to having the perfect kitchen than what meets the eye, all you need is a vision and we can make it happen. It’s what we do!